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Number 9

This one is truly bizarre. It looks like a high school competiton. The funny thing though is that it is almost as if that was what the kid was supposed to do. Was nobody in the gym? When he totally screws up the lift you don't even hear a chirp. The cameraman holds such a steady shot as if he sees kids almost beheading themselves all the time. And I have no clue what that announcer says, but he was pretty cal as well.

Number 8

All that blood rush to the head knocked this guy out. Speaking about other people's reactions I love the guy sitting in the chair right in front of the bench. It is almost as if he enjoys what just happened.

Number 7

Most people in this situation just drop the weight in front of him. Not this kid, he goes down with the weight almost like a captain going down with the sinking ship.

Number 6

A brilliant escape route by Mrs. Houdini.

Number 5

Come on man, he wasn't even close. You should at least be able to hold the weight up in the air. It seems like he was off by a couple hundred pounds. I am also pretty convinced his sternum touches his spine.

Number 4

He actually cruised through the actual lift, just couldn't quite get it on the rack.

Number 3

By far the most gruesome. Listen for the snap crackle pop effect. 99% of any human being would be crying there eyes out but this guy looks as relaxed as can be even though he probably tore every ligament in his leg.

Number 2

A great change of pace. Young kid thinking he's all that with his shirt off and filming himself curling a ten pound bar in his room when he breaks his fishtank. Doesn't sound all that tough when he's yelling "Mommy!"

Number 1

The crowd reaction is what makes this one. "It's Your Show." It even leads up to everyone realizing that this guy is screwed and has no chance when someone yells out, "Almost there" when clearly he was not. Then all hell breaks loose.